How Do You Turn Off Guides in Figma?

In Figma, Guides are an incredibly helpful feature that helps designers plan out their designs in a more precise and organized manner. Guides can be used to create grids, snap objects together, and align items with each other.

They are also incredibly useful for creating margins and padding in designs. But sometimes, you may find yourself with too many guides cluttering up your workspace and need to turn them off.

Fortunately, Figma does provide the ability to turn off guides when needed. To do this, simply select the View tab in the top toolbar and select “Hide Guides” from the list of options.

This will immediately hide all of your guides from view. If you ever need to bring them back up again, simply select “Show Guides” again from the same menu.

There are also some other options available for managing your guides if you need more control over how they appear on your canvas. You can click on the “Guides” tab in the top toolbar to access a panel that allows you to turn off specific types of guides (such as grids), or even turn on additional types of guides (such as rulers). This can be especially useful if you find yourself needing to switch between different types of guide layouts quickly and easily.


In summary, Figma provides users with a convenient way to turn off guides when needed by selecting “Hide Guides” from the View tab in the top toolbar. Additionally, users can access more advanced options for managing their guides by clicking on the “Guides” tab in the top toolbar.