How Do You Undo in Figma Online?

Figma Online is a powerful online collaboration tool that allows remote teams to work together in real time on the same project. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of features for creating mockups, designs, and prototypes.

However, one of the challenges of working with Figma Online is that it can be difficult to undo mistakes or changes you’ve made. Fortunately, Figma Online has a few different ways you can undo changes quickly and easily.

1. Undo Button: The first way to undo changes in Figma Online is by using the “Undo” button located at the top of the screen.

This button will undo any action you have recently taken, including adding shapes, changing shapes, moving objects, etc. You can also use this button to quickly revert your work back to an earlier version if needed.

2. History Panel: The second way to undo changes in Figma Online is by using the “History” panel.

This panel will show all of your recent actions and allow you to quickly go back and undo any changes you have made. You can also use this panel to compare different versions of your design or look at what was changed between versions.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts: Finally, there are keyboard shortcuts available for quickly undoing changes in Figma Online. These shortcuts include “Ctrl + Z” for undoing a single action and “Ctrl + Shift + Z” for reverting back to a previous version of your design.


Figma Online offers several different ways of undoing changes quickly and easily. Whether it’s using the Undo button at the top of the screen, using the History panel to look at past versions or using keyboard shortcuts such as “Ctrl + Z”, there’s something that everyone can use when they need it.