How Do You Use a Ruler in Figma?

Using a ruler in Figma is an essential part of creating precise and accurate designs. A ruler is a type of measuring device used to measure the lengths and angles of objects.

In Figma, a ruler is used to accurately align multiple elements on the design canvas. It can also be used to measure distances between objects and make sure that their sizes are uniform.

Using a ruler in Figma is relatively simple. To access the ruler, you need to open the Ruler & Guides panel located on the right-hand side of the design canvas.

Once opened, you can click and drag on any point within the design canvas to create guides. These guides will help you line up objects in your design project accurately.

You can also use a ruler in Figma for measuring distances between elements. To measure distances, select an element and then move your mouse over it. You will see a measurement line appear that shows the distance from where your cursor was originally at to where it is now.

Using a Ruler to Resize Objects

You can also use a ruler in Figma to resize objects. To do this, select an object and then hover your mouse over one of its edges or corners. A measurement line will appear that shows how large or small you can resize the object without distorting its proportions.


In conclusion, using a ruler in Figma is an important skill for any designer working with precision and accuracy when designing projects. With the help of rulers, designers are able to create accurate designs by lining up elements correctly on their designs as well as measuring distances between them accurately.