How Do You Use an Artboard in Figma?

An artboard in Figma is a powerful design tool that allows users to create and organize their designs in one convenient location. It is an essential part of the Figma design workflow and can be used to create high-quality graphics, illustrations, and user interfaces.

An artboard is a great way to create a single canvas on which all of your designs live. Artboards are essentially large, rectangular spaces where you can place and arrange various elements such as text boxes, shapes, images, icons, buttons, and more. You can also use artboards to group related elements together for easy access or organization.

In order to use an artboard in Figma, you will first need to create one by clicking the ‘Create Artboard’ button at the top of the page. This will give you an empty space where you can start adding elements from your library or from scratch. Once you have added all of your elements, you can then adjust the size of the artboard if needed by dragging the edges of the canvas.

Once you have finished creating your artwork in Figma using an artboard, it’s time to export it so that you can share it with others or use it within other applications. To do this simply click on ‘Export’ located at the top right corner of your screen and select the desired format such as PNG or SVG. You can also save directly as PDF if needed.

Figma’s artboards allow users to quickly create beautiful designs without having to worry about overlapping objects as they are kept separate within their own boundaries. With its intuitive tools and powerful features, Figma provides a great platform for digital designers who need an efficient way of creating stunning visuals for their projects.


Using an artboard in Figma is a great way for designers to quickly create beautiful visuals for their projects with ease.

It allows users to organize their design elements within its boundaries and export them into various formats for sharing or further use in other applications. With its intuitive tools and powerful features, Figma provides a great platform for digital designers.