How Do You Use an Eraser in Canva?

Using an eraser in Canva is a great way to quickly delete unwanted items from your designs. It can be used to remove text, images, shapes, and other objects that you don’t want in your design.

The eraser tool is easy to use and can be an invaluable tool for designers of all levels. Here’s how you can use the eraser in Canva.

Choose Your Eraser
Canva offers three types of erasers for different purposes: the Magic Eraser, the Color Eraser, and the Standard Eraser. The Magic Eraser is great for removing large areas of an image or design without having to delete each element individually.

The Color Eraser works by deleting pixels with specific colors, allowing you to remove certain colors from your design without affecting the rest of the elements. Lastly, the Standard Eraser allows you to delete specific elements by clicking and dragging across them.

Use the Eraser Tool
Once you’ve chosen which type of eraser you want to use, simply click and drag across the elements that you want to delete. If you’re using the Standard or Color Erasers, this will only delete what’s underneath your cursor as you click and drag across it. If you’re using the Magic Eraser, it will automatically delete everything that it comes into contact with.

Tips and Tricks
If you’re using a color-based erasing tool like Color or Magic Erasers, try using a lower opacity setting to give yourself more control over which areas get deleted and which stay intact. Additionally, if there are any objects that are too small or intricate for your cursor to select easily with either type of erasing tool, try zooming in on them first before attempting to erase them.

Using an eraser in Canva can be a great way to quickly clean up your designs so they look their best. With three different types of erasers available – Magic, Color, and Standard – it’s easy to find one that meets your needs.

Just remember to adjust your settings as needed when using either type of color-based erasing tool so that only what needs deleting gets deleted!

Conclusion: Using an eraser in Canva is a simple process that involves selecting one of three types of tools – Magic, Color or Standard – then clicking and dragging across unwanted items within a design. To get even better results when using color-based tools like Magic or Color Erasers, consider adjusting their opacity settings as needed so only what needs deleting gets deleted.