How Do You Use Classes in Webflow?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use classes in Webflow. Classes are an essential part of Webflow as they allow you to apply consistent styling across multiple elements on your website. Whether you want to change the font, color, size, or any other aspect of an element, classes make it easy to maintain a consistent design.

What are Classes?
Classes are a way to group and style elements in HTML and CSS. By applying a class to an element, you can define a set of styles that will be applied to all elements with that class. This saves you time and effort when styling multiple elements with similar properties.

Creating Classes in Webflow
To create a class in Webflow, simply select the element you want to style and open the Style panel on the right-hand side. At the top of the panel, you will see an input field labeled “Class.”

Click on it and enter a name for your class. It’s best practice to choose descriptive names that reflect the purpose or function of the class.

Applying Classes
Once you have created a class, applying it to other elements is straightforward. Select the element you want to style and navigate back to the Style panel.

In the “Class” input field, start typing the name of your class, and Webflow will auto-complete it for you. Press Enter or click on the suggested class name to apply it.

Modifying Class Styles
To modify styles for a specific class, select any element with that class applied. The changes you make in the Style panel will only affect elements with that particular class.

Combining Classes
One powerful feature of classes in Webflow is their ability to be combined. This means you can apply multiple classes to one element and inherit styles from both classes simultaneously. To combine classes, simply add a space between the class names in the “Class” input field.

  • By using classes, you can create reusable styles that can be applied to multiple elements.
  • Classes help maintain consistency throughout your website by ensuring that similar elements have the same styling.
  • With Webflow’s visual editor, you can easily create and modify classes without writing any code.

Classes are a fundamental concept in Webflow that allows you to create consistent and reusable styles for your website. By understanding how to create, apply, and modify classes, you can ensure a cohesive design across all elements.

Remember to choose descriptive names for your classes and consider combining them for even more flexibility. Happy styling!