How Do You Use Component Library in Figma?

Using a component library in Figma is a great way to streamline the design process and make sure that your designs are consistent throughout your project. A component library is a collection of reusable components that you can use to create consistent designs.

It can include components such as buttons, forms, icons, and other elements that can be used across multiple projects. Components can be stored in different libraries, allowing designers to quickly access them when needed.

Using components in Figma is easy. First, create the component library in the “Libraries” tab within the File Browser.

Then, add the desired components to the library by dragging and dropping them into the library window. Once they are in place, they will be available for use throughout your project.

When it comes time to use a component from the library in your design, simply select it from the “Components” tab within Figma. You will then be able to drag and drop it into your design or copy and paste it from one location to another. You can also customize components by changing their colors or adding text.

Components can also be shared with other members of a team or organization so everyone has access to them. This makes it easier for teams to collaborate on projects as they all have access to the same components.


Using a component library in Figma is a great way to streamline your design process by allowing you to quickly access reusable components and share them with others on your team. By using components you can ensure consistency across multiple projects and quickly customize them as needed.