How Do You Use Components and Variants in Figma?

Components and Variants in Figma are a powerful tool for designers that allow them to quickly create consistent, reusable design elements. With components and variants, you can create complex designs that remain consistent across multiple projects, saving time and effort.

Components are objects or groups of objects that are treated as a single entity. They can be simple or complex, such as a button or an entire interface. Every component has its own set of properties and behaviors, which can be modified to create different variations of the component. For example, you could create a button component with different background colors, text sizes and shapes.

Variants are variations of components that have been created using the same properties and behaviors but with slightly different characteristics. Variants allow you to quickly switch between different versions of the same component without having to recreate each one from scratch. For example, you could have a button variant for each color in your palette, or for each font size used throughout your project.

Using components and variants in Figma is quite straightforward: first you select the object(s) you want to make into a component (or group them together if they’re not already), then click the “Create Component” button in the top bar. This will open up the Component Properties panel on the right side of your screen where you can adjust parameters such as width/height, background color/image, font size/family etc., as well as add variants by clicking “Add Variant” at the bottom of the panel.

Once you’ve created your component(s) and added any variants you need, it’s easy to reuse them throughout your project by dragging them onto other frames or artboards. You can also access all your components from within Figma’s Components Library panel on the left side of your screen.


Components and Variants in Figma offer an efficient way to create consistent design elements across multiple projects with minimal effort. To use components and variants in Figma, simply select an object or group of objects that will form the basis for the component; adjust its properties in the Component Properties panel; add any necessary variants; then drag it onto other frames or artboards throughout your project when needed.