How Do You Use Illustration in Figma?

Illustration can be used to enhance the design of any project. It can help to bring a concept to life and make it more visually appealing.

Figma is a popular design tool that allows users to create illustrations for their projects. With its intuitive tools, it’s easy to create professional-looking illustrations in no time.

Figma provides a wide range of illustration tools that are useful for creating original artwork as well as manipulating existing artworks. You can use the vector tools to draw shapes and lines, or you can use the brush tool for organic illustration work.

You can also use the text tool to add titles, labels, and descriptions to your illustration. Additionally, Figma offers a variety of pre-made illustrations that you can customize with your own colors and effects.

If you’re looking for more flexibility in your illustrations, Figma also has several plugins that allow you to create 3D objects and manipulate photos. This makes it possible to create highly-detailed and realistic illustrations with ease. Additionally, Figma also provides access to community-created illustration assets which can be used as starting points for your own creations.

Figma also makes it easy to collaborate on projects with others by allowing multiple users to work on an illustration at once. This allows teams of designers and editors to work together on a project simultaneously without having to worry about conflicting changes being made by different users. Additionally, all changes made in Figma are saved automatically so there’s no need for manual backups or rework if something goes wrong with a file or computer system crash.

Creating illustrations in Figma is an effective way of bringing concepts alive and making them more visually appealing without having to spend time learning complex design software programs. With its intuitive tools, pre-made assets, plugins, and collaborative features, it’s easy for anyone from beginners to professionals alike to create beautiful artwork quickly and easily in Figma.


Figma is an excellent tool for creating professional-looking illustrations quickly and easily no matter the user’s level of experience or expertise with design software programs. With its intuitive tools, plugins, pre-made assets, and collaborative features users can bring concepts alive with stunning visuals while saving time in the process.