How Do You Use Material UI Icons in Figma?

Material UI Icons are a collection of icons designed for use in the Material Design style. This design style is based on principles of how materials interact in the physical world – such as how light interacts with surfaces and how objects are perceived from different angles. The icons look and feel consistent across platforms, providing a cohesive design language for web and mobile applications.

When using Material UI Icons in Figma, you will want to make sure that you have the correct version of the icon library installed. You can find this in the settings menu under “Asset Libraries”. Once you have installed the library, it will be available to use within your projects.

Using Material UI Icons in Figma is fairly simple. All you need to do is select an icon from the library, drag it onto your canvas, and then resize or rotate it as desired. You can also customize its color, border radius, and shadow effects to match your project needs.

When creating designs with Material UI Icons, be sure to maintain consistency throughout your project. Consider using a grid system when placing icons on your canvas so that all elements appear balanced and organized.


Material UI Icons are a great way to add visual interest and consistency to any design project within Figma. With just a few steps you can easily drag and drop icons onto your canvas, customize their colors and effects, and maintain consistency throughout your project with a grid system.