How Do You Use Pua Encoded Characters in Canva?

As an online designer, it is important to understand how to use PUA (Private Use Area) encoded characters in Canva. PUA encoded characters are symbols, icons and other special characters that are not available as standard fonts.

Using these symbols, users can add a unique visual element to their designs on Canva.

To use PUA Encoded Characters in Canva, first you will need to access the character map of the font you want to use and find the code for the character you want. Once you have found it, copy the code and go back to your design in Canva.

Open the text editor and paste the code into the text box. Then click “apply” and your desired character should appear in your design! You can also select different font sizes, colors, and effects so that your symbol stands out even more.


  • Make sure that you are using a font with PUA encoding before trying this method.

  • If you need help finding PUA encoded characters, there are plenty of websites that provide free resources for this purpose.

  • You can also download fonts with PUA Encoding from various online sources.

Using PUA encoded characters in Canva is an easy way to add a special touch to your designs by incorporating unique visual elements. This method requires minimal effort but can give your designs a professional look.

Conclusion: With just a few simple steps, anyone can use PUA Encoded Characters in Canva to create unique visuals for their designs which will have a professional feel without requiring any extra effort or resources.