How Do You Use the Content Reel in Figma?

The Content Reel is one of the most powerful tools in Figma – a powerful design platform that enables teams to collaborate on projects in real-time. It helps users quickly find, organize, and reuse elements from their designs. With the content reel, you can access all of the components within your design library, including images, texts, shapes, and even animations. The Content Reel is ideal for designers who need to quickly find and utilize design elements with ease.

The Content Reel is located at the bottom left of the Figma interface. To use it, simply click on the icon to open it up and start exploring its contents. The reel displays all of your design library’s components in one place so that you can easily access any element you need with just a few clicks. From here, you can search for specific elements by name or color or filter by type to narrow down your selection.

The Content Reel also allows you to create custom libraries of elements that can be accessed from anywhere within Figma. This feature is especially useful if you’re working with a large number of elements on a particular project. You can also save commonly used elements in libraries for easy access during future designs.

To make the most out of the Content Reel in Figma, it’s important to stay organized. You can create multiple libraries for different projects or purposes – such as logos or icons – and tag each element so that it’s easy to find later on.


The Content Reel in Figma is an invaluable tool for designers who need quick access to design elements while working on projects. By staying organized and creating multiple libraries for different purposes, users can easily find and utilize elements with ease. With this feature, designers can save time and energy when creating designs that stand out from the competition.