How Do You View a Mirror in Figma?

Figma, a vector graphics editor, has become a popular tool for creating digital designs. It is used by many professionals and hobbyists alike, who find it useful for things like website mockups, logo designs, and more.

One of the features of Figma that makes it so attractive is its ability to easily create mirrored objects. This feature allows users to see how their design looks from all angles, and is especially useful for creating symmetrical objects.

Mirroring an object in Figma is simple. All you need to do is select the object you want to mirror and then click on the “Mirror” icon in the top toolbar.

You will then be presented with a number of options for how you want your object to be mirrored. You can choose from horizontal mirroring, vertical mirroring, or both at the same time.

Once you have chosen your desired type of mirroring, click “OK” and your object will be mirrored according to your selection. You can then view your mirrored object in the canvas area of Figma. The mirrored version of your object will appear on its own layer so that you can easily toggle between viewing it and the original version.

With this feature, Figma users can quickly preview their designs from all angles before committing to an overall design. This makes it easier than ever to create symmetrical objects without having to manually adjust each side individually. Additionally, the ability to quickly switch between viewing the original version and the mirrored version helps users make sure that their designs look exactly as they intended.


Figma’s ability to quickly create mirrors makes it a great choice for designing symmetrical objects. With just a few clicks users can see how their design looks from all angles before committing to an overall design. By viewing a mirror in Figma users can ensure that their objects look exactly as they intended them too.