How Do You Zoom Selected in Figma?

Figma is one of the most popular graphical user interface (GUI) tools that designers use to create and share designs easily. With Figma, you can design layouts, icons, wireframes, and other visuals with ease.

However, you may want to zoom in on a certain area of your design to get a better look at the details. Zooming in can help you see more detail and make more precise changes. Luckily, Figma makes it easy to zoom in on any element of your design.

Using the Zoom Tool

The simplest way to zoom in on a particular area of your design is to use the Zoom tool. This tool is found in the toolbar at the top of the Figma window.

When you click this button, a zoom slider will appear at the bottom-right corner of your screen. You can then drag this slider to adjust the magnification level of your design.

If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can press [CTRL] + [+]. This will increase the magnification level by 10%. Alternatively, if you want to reduce the magnification level, press [CTRL] + [-]. You can also press [CTRL] + [0] to reset your zoom level back to 100%.

Using Select & Transform Tool

The Select & Transform tool allows you to select individual elements inside a frame and move them around or resize them while being able to see all other elements outside that frame as well.

To access this tool simply select an individual element or frame and click on Select & Transform from either the toolbar or right-click menu.

Once selected, you’ll see an outline around that element or frame and some small circles around its edges. These circles are called handles and allow for resizing as well as rotation if needed. You’ll also notice that none of the other elements outside of this selection are visible but they are still there.

Using Marquee Zoom Tool

The Marquee Zoom tool allows for quickly zooming into any specific area by simply clicking and dragging across it with your mouse cursor. To access this tool simply select it from either from either toolbar or right-click menu.

Zooming in on an element or frame in Figma is quite simple using either the Zoom tool, Select & Transform tool or Marquee Zoom tool depending on what exactly you need it for. All three tools allow for quick zooming into any specific area so that designers can make more precise changes with ease.