How Does Canva Measure Distance?

Canva is a powerful online tool that allows users to create stunning visuals. It offers an easy-to-use interface that can be used to quickly create graphics, presentations, and other forms of artwork.

One of the most useful features of Canva is its ability to measure distances. With this tool, users can easily measure the distance between two points on a graphic or design.

Canva’s distance measuring tool works by allowing users to draw a line between two points on the canvas. Once the line has been drawn, Canva will display the exact measurements for the line in both pixels and inches. This makes it easy for users to accurately measure distances when creating designs or illustrations.

The distance measuring tool also helps users make sure that their designs are properly proportioned. By measuring distances between objects, users can make sure that their designs look symmetrical and balanced. This ensures that all elements in a design are evenly spaced and properly aligned.

Canva also offers an array of additional tools to help users measure distances within their designs. The “Shape” tool allows users to draw circles and arcs, while the “Text” tool enables them to add text boxes or labels along any line they have drawn.

The “Ruler” tool can be used to draw straight lines with a specific length while the “Grid” feature divides the canvas into evenly spaced squares which can be used as reference points when measuring distances. There is also an “Offset” feature which allows users to duplicate objects and move them around with exact precision.


Canva’s distance measuring tools offer a great way for designers and Illustrators to accurately determine distances between objects in their designs. With its intuitive interface and range of helpful features, Canva makes it easy for anyone to quickly measure distances in pixels or inches for flawless results every time.