How Does Figma Share to Developer?

Figma is quickly becoming the go-to platform for design and collaboration on the web, and developers have taken notice. Its cloud-based platform allows multiple users to collaborate on projects in real-time, making it a valuable tool for developers who need to communicate with designers and other stakeholders.

Sharing with Developers
Figma provides several ways to share designs with developers. Users can share individual files, entire project folders, or a combination of files and folders. Sharing is simple and secure – just enter the email address of the person you want to share with, and they’ll receive an invitation link.

For collaborative projects, Figma also provides a convenient way to keep track of who has access to what files. The “Sharing” page lists all shared files, sorted by user or project folder.

It also shows when a file was last shared or modified, as well as who has access to it. This makes it easy for developers to stay up-to-date on changes and collaborate effectively with designers.

Commenting & Annotations
Figma also makes it easy for developers to comment on designs and provide feedback in real time. Comments can be added directly within Figma’s interface, allowing for quick communication between stakeholders without having to switch tools or applications. Designers can also add annotations, which are labeled notes that appear alongside elements in the design interface, making it easier for developers to understand how they should code certain elements.

Figma also offers powerful prototyping capabilities that allow designers and developers to quickly create interactive prototypes without having to write any code. Prototypes can be shared with users via links or embedded into web pages so that they can be tested in real time by other stakeholders in the development process. This helps ensure that everyone involved in the development process is on the same page when it comes to how features should work and look before coding begins.


Figma provides an efficient way for designers and developers to collaborate on projects by allowing them to easily share designs, comment on them, add annotations, and create prototypes for testing purposes. By streamlining collaboration between different stakeholders in the development process, Figma helps ensure that projects are completed quickly and efficiently while still providing quality results.