How Import Photoshop to Figma?

The design industry is constantly evolving, and with that comes the need for new software and tools. One of the most popular tools for designers is Adobe Photoshop, which has been around since 1990.

However, more recently, Figma has become a popular alternative to Photoshop. Figma is a browser-based collaborative design tool that offers many features and benefits over Photoshop.

The biggest advantage that Figma has over Photoshop is its collaborative features. Unlike Photoshop, which requires two people to be in the same room in order to collaborate on a project, Figma allows multiple people to work on the same project from anywhere in the world. This makes it much easier for teams to stay connected and collaborate on projects without having to worry about geographic restrictions.

Another major benefit of using Figma is its speed. Since it runs in a browser, it can be updated much faster than an application like Photoshop. This means that designers can quickly make changes to their designs without having to wait for long loading times or slow rendering speeds.

In addition, Figma also offers better integration with other software and services. For example, it can easily integrate with Slack so designers can share their work quickly with team members or clients.

It also integrates with popular tools like Sketch and Adobe XD for an even smoother workflow.

Finally, Figma also offers more control over design elements than Photoshop does. With its vector-based system, users have much more flexibility when creating complex shapes and layouts than they do with Photoshop’s raster-based system.

How to Import Photoshop into Figma?

Importing from Photoshop into Figma is relatively easy thanks to the “Export as” option available in both programs. To import from Photoshop into Figma simply open up your PSD file in both programs then select “Export as” from the File menu in both programs. From there you will be able to export your layer structure as well as any other elements such as text layers or images into a PNG format which can then be imported into your project inside of Figma.


Figma is quickly becoming one of the most popular design tools available today due its collaborative features, speed, integration capabilities and control over design elements compared to Adobe Photoshop which has been around since 1990’s. Importing from Photoshop into Figma can easily be done by using the “Export As” option available in both programs.