How Many Employees Are at Figma?

Figma is a cloud-based design platform that helps designers and teams collaborate on the entire product design process. It helps to quickly create mockups and graphics, and to test them on multiple devices.

Figma provides a powerful set of tools to make designing, prototyping, and collaboration easier than ever before.

Figma has grown substantially since its founding in 2012, becoming one of the most widely used design tools in the world. As of 2021, Figma has over 8 million users around the world, including designers from both large companies and small startups.

Despite its rapid growth and popularity, Figma still remains relatively small when it comes to their headcount. According to reports from 2020, Figma had roughly 250 employees spread across their offices in San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo. This includes engineers, product managers, UX/UI designers, marketing specialists, customer success personnel and more.

The company values its employees highly – employees at Figma receive competitive salaries and benefits such as 401k plans for retirement savings. In addition to this, Figma offers an extensive range of perks including an employee stock option plan (ESOP) as well as flexible working hours.


Figma is a rapidly growing company with over 8 million users around the world. Although they may not be as large as some other tech companies in terms of headcount, they still have a sizable workforce of around 250 people spread across three offices in San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo.