How Much Did Canva Raise?

The popular graphic design platform, Canva, has raised a total of $1.47 billion in financing since its inception in 2012. This makes it one of the most successful tech startups in Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Canva’s journey began with two friends from Sydney, Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht. They started out with a simple idea: to make graphic design easy for everyone – no matter their skill level or experience. After four years of hard work, their idea was realized and Canva was born.

Since its launch, Canva has grown exponentially. It now serves over 30 million users around the world and is used by leading companies like Microsoft, Uber, and PayPal. Its platform includes a range of tools that allow users to create stunning designs quickly and easily – from creating logos to creating reports, presentations and more.

Canva boasts an impressive list of investors including Blackbird Ventures, Felicis Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners just to name a few. In 2020 alone they have secured $71 million in Series E funding led by Mary Meeker’s Bond Capital – bringing their total fundraising to date up to $1.47 billion USD. This new capital will be used to further develop Canva’s existing products as well as invest in new features such as Canva Pro – a subscription-based service for businesses who need access to more advanced design features on the platform.

The success story of Canva is one that inspires many startups around the world – showing that big dreams can become reality with hard work and dedication. With their latest round of funding under their belt, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more amazing things from this incredible company in the near future!


In total, Canva has raised an impressive amount of $1.47 billion USD since it was founded in 2012 – making it one of the most successful tech startups in Australia and Asia-Pacific region.