How Much Does Canva Charge to Print Postcards?

Canva is an amazing platform for creating and editing your own graphics and designs. It allows you to easily create stunning visuals with their easy-to-use drag and drop tools. With Canva, you can design postcards, flyers, business cards, logos, and much more. The only question is, how much does Canva charge to print postcards?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the postcard you’re printing as well as the type of paper you want to use. Generally speaking, Canva offers three different sizes for postcards: standard (4×6 inches), large (5×7 inches), and extra-large (6×9 inches). For each size, there are several types of paper available—from glossy or matte finish to thick cardstock or linen stock.

The cost of printing postcards on Canva varies depending on the size and paper type. For standard size postcards printed on glossy or matte finish paper, it will cost around $0.99 each. If you choose a thicker cardstock or linen stock option, then it will be slightly more expensive at around $1.50 per card.

In addition to the printing cost, Canva also charges a shipping fee for your order. Depending on where you’re located in the world, this fee can range from $0-$35+. This fee is calculated at checkout based on your shipping address.


Overall, it’s clear that Canva offers an affordable way to print your own custom postcards. Depending on what size and paper type you choose, it can cost between $0.99-$1.50 per card plus a shipping fee that varies depending on where you’re located in the world.