How Similar Is Sketch to Figma?

Sketch and Figma are two of the most popular design tools used by UI/UX designers. Both Sketch and Figma have their own unique features, but there are also many similarities between them.

Design Interface: The design interfaces of both Sketch and Figma are very similar with a clean, minimalistic look. Both tools use a canvas with layers and objects that can be arranged on the page, resized, and manipulated in various ways.

Prototyping: Prototyping is a key feature of both Sketch and Figma. Prototypes allow designers to create interactive designs for their projects that can be tested by users before they are implemented.

Both tools offer a variety of prototyping options including animation, linking screens together, adding transitions, and more.

Collaboration: One area where Sketch and Figma differ is in their collaboration capabilities. While both tools allow multiple users to work on a project at the same time, Figma offers more advanced collaboration features such as real-time editing and commenting on designs.

Integration: Both tools offer integration with other services such as Dropbox, Slack, InVision, Zeplin, Abstract, etc., allowing designers to collaborate with other team members more efficiently.


In conclusion, Sketch and Figma have many similarities when it comes to design interface, prototyping capabilities, as well as integration with other services. However, there are some differences between the two such as collaboration features which make them suitable for different types of projects.