How to Report a Bug Figma?

Reporting a bug in Figma can be a daunting task. With so many users and a constantly changing design platform, it’s important to make sure that the bug you’re reporting is actually impacting your work. Fortunately, Figma has made it straightforward to report any issues you might have encountered while using the platform.

The first step when attempting to report a bug in Figma is to check if another user has already reported it. This can be done easily by searching in the Community Forums or checking out any existing Known Issues reported on the Figma Status page. If your issue is not present, you will need to create an issue ticket with further details.

Once you have determined that your issue is unique and needs reporting, head over to the Support page on Figma’s website. Here, you will find an option for “Submit a Request” which allows you to provide further information about your issue.

Make sure to include as much detail as possible such as what exactly happened, when it occurred, what version of Figma you were using, and screenshots of the issue in question. This will help Figma investigate and resolve your issue quickly.

Once your request has been submitted, Figma will review it and get back in touch with you shortly. They may require additional information or screenshots before they are able to diagnose and fix the bug. Be sure to follow up on any requests for more information promptly so that they can get started on resolving your issue.


Reporting bugs in Figma is an essential part of ensuring that users are getting the best experience possible while using the platform. By following these steps – checking existing reports, submitting a request on the Support page with detailed information and following up on requests for more information – users can quickly report any issues they encounter while using Figma and ensure their bugs are fixed in no time.