How to Test Your Figma Prototypes With UXtweak?

Figma is a powerful vector graphics editing tool used by millions of people around the world. It is a great tool for creating prototypes and testing concepts quickly and efficiently. But how do you go about testing your Figma prototypes with UXtweak?

UXtweak is an online platform that helps you to test your prototype designs with real users. It allows you to create interactive tests, surveys, and heatmaps so that you can get feedback from users on their experience with your product. With UXtweak, you can easily create tasks for users to complete and gather their feedback in an organized way.

The first step in testing your Figma prototypes with UXtweak is to create a project. This can be done by simply selecting the ‘Create Project’ option from the main menu.

Once you have created a project, you will need to add a Figma prototype as a task to be tested by users. To do this, select ‘Add Task’ from the project page and then select ‘Figma Prototype’ from the list of available tasks.

Once the task has been added, it’s time to add the link for your prototype design. Copy the link for your prototype design from Figma and paste it into the task settings in UXtweak. You can also adjust other settings such as task duration and number of participants.

The next step is to invite participants to take part in your test. You can do this by sharing the project URL or sending out invitations via email or social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Once all of these steps are completed, it’s time to start collecting data about how users interact with your Figma prototype design. You can use tools such as heatmaps and surveys within UXtweak to get detailed insights into how users are interacting with your design.


Testing your Figma prototypes with UXtweak is easy and efficient. All it takes is creating a project in UXtweak, adding a task for testing user experience with your prototype design, inviting participants to take part in the test, and then collecting data on user interactions using heatmaps and surveys within UXtweak. With this method of testing, you will be able to quickly gain valuable insights into how users interact with your design.