Is Canva a Website or App?

Canva is an online platform that allows users to create beautiful designs without any prior design experience. It can be used both as a website and an app, allowing users to easily access the designs they need from almost anywhere.

The Canva platform offers a wide range of tools designed to make the design process easier for users of all skill levels. With its simple drag-and-drop interface and intuitive tools, Canva enables users to quickly create stunning graphics and presentations with ease.

The website version of Canva offers a large library of templates, stock images, fonts and layouts, while the app version provides many of the same features in a more mobile-friendly format. The app also includes additional features such as the ability to upload photos directly from your phone’s camera roll, or add text and shapes right on your device.

Canva has become increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes looking for an easy way to create professional looking designs without needing to hire a designer or invest in expensive software packages. The platform has been praised for its accessibility, affordability, and ease of use.


Canva is both a website and an app that makes it easy for users to create beautiful designs without any prior design experience. It offers powerful tools that allow people of all skill levels to quickly generate stunning visuals for their projects. Whether you choose to use the website or app version, Canva is sure to help you create amazing designs with minimal effort.