Is Canva Free for NGOS?

Canva is a simple online graphic design tool that has helped thousands of nonprofit organizations create stunning visuals for their cause. It’s easy to use and free for nonprofits, so it’s a great choice for organizations on a budget.

But is Canva really free for nonprofits? The answer is yes, but with a few caveats.

Canva offers its nonprofit users access to all its features and templates without any cost. Nonprofits do not need to sign up for any subscription or pay any fees.

However, Canva does offer some premium features such as advanced image editing and the ability to upload custom fonts. These features can be accessed with a one-time fee or through a subscription plan.

In addition, some of Canva’s services are limited to paying customers. For example, only paying customers have access to Canva’s library of stock images and videos. If you need access to these premium resources, you’ll need to upgrade your plan.

Nonprofits also need to be aware that Canva does not offer discounts on their subscription plans. This means that if you want access to the advanced features mentioned above, you will have to pay the full price.


Yes, Canva is free for nonprofits but there are a few caveats – some of its services are limited to paying customers and there are no discounts on its subscription plans. However, it still remains an excellent choice for nonprofits looking for an affordable yet powerful graphic design tool.