Is Canva Like InDesign?

Canva and InDesign are both powerful design tools that can help you create high-quality visuals for your project. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it can be difficult to compare them. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific needs and goals.

When it comes to features, Canva is more user-friendly and beginner-friendly.

It’s an online platform with an array of easy-to-use templates and drag-and-drop capabilities that make it great for anyone who is just starting out in graphic design. It also offers a wide range of design elements like shapes, icons, illustrations, etc., making it very versatile. InDesign is a more sophisticated tool that requires more skill and training to use effectively. It’s not as intuitive as Canva, but it offers a lot more options for manipulating text, images, graphics, etc., allowing you to create highly customized designs.

In terms of pricing, Canva is much more affordable than InDesign. Canva offers several subscription plans with different features at different price points.

For example, their Pro plan starts at $9.95/month with unlimited downloads and access to premium assets like photos and graphics. InDesign’s subscription plan starts at $19.99/month with fewer features than Canva Pro.


Canva has been praised for its speed and responsiveness while InDesign has been criticized for being slow at times due to its complexity. For large projects or complex designs where multiple layers are involved, InDesign may be the better option as it allows you to work more efficiently.


Is Canva like InDesign? It really depends on what you need from your design software – if you need something user friendly with lots of pre-made templates then Canva might be the best choice for you; however if you need something more powerful then perhaps InDesign would be the better option due to its ability to manipulate text and images in greater detail.