Is Facebook Using Figma?

Facebook is a major global presence in the digital world. It has become an essential part of many people’s lives and has created a platform for them to share their lives, stories and experiences with friends, family and the world.

As Facebook continues to grow, it is also becoming increasingly important that they stay ahead of the game in terms of technology and design. This is where Figma comes into play.

Figma is a cloud-based collaborative design platform used by Facebook to create better user experiences for their products. With Figma, developers, designers and product managers can work together in real time to create high-quality designs that are responsive and adaptive to any screen size or device. It also enables teams to collaborate more efficiently by allowing them to share ideas, feedback and assets with each other without having to go through tedious rounds of emails or file transfers.

Facebook has been using Figma since 2017 and it has become an integral part of how they design their products. They are constantly using Figma to develop new features, iterate on existing ones and improve the overall user experience. Additionally, they use it as a way to quickly prototype new concepts before pushing them into production.

Facebook’s use of Figma has been incredibly effective in helping them stay ahead of the curve when it comes to user experience design. By utilizing this powerful platform, Facebook can ensure that all their products have a consistent look and feel that appeals to their users. Moreover, with its collaborative capabilities, teams can quickly communicate ideas and feedback which helps streamline the development process.


It’s clear that Facebook is indeed leveraging Figma for its design needs. With its powerful collaborative capabilities, robust feature set and ability to quickly prototype concepts, it’s no wonder why they have chosen it as an essential part of their design process. Ultimately, Figma helps Facebook stay ahead in terms of user experience design which leads us to conclude that yes – Facebook is using Figma.