Is Figma an Alternative to Illustrator?

Figma is a powerful vector graphics editor and cloud-based collaborative design tool. It has become increasingly popular among product designers, UX/UI designers, and web developers. It is an alternative to traditional vector design software like Adobe Illustrator and Sketch.

Figma has a sleek and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create high-quality graphics quickly. Unlike Illustrator and Sketch, Figma requires no software installation — everything takes place within your browser.

This makes it perfect for remote teams who need to collaborate on designs from anywhere in the world. It also integrates with other popular tools like InVision, Jira, Slack, Zeplin, and more.

Figma offers powerful features like vector networks which make it possible to create complex shapes with just a few clicks. You can also use layers to organize your work and create interactive components for prototyping or animation. There are also advanced features such as version control which allow you to easily track changes over time.

One of the biggest advantages of Figma is its pricing model. Unlike Illustrator or Sketch which require expensive licenses for each user, Figma offers free plans for individuals as well as flexible subscription plans for teams. This makes it more cost-effective for small businesses who don’t have the budget for expensive software licenses.


Figma is an excellent alternative to Adobe Illustrator and Sketch for product designers, UX/UI designers, and web developers. It offers an intuitive user interface with powerful features such as vector networks and layers that make it easier to create complex designs quickly. The low cost of subscription plans also makes it a great choice for those on a budget.