Is Figma an Electron?

Figma is a vector design tool developed by Figma, Inc., and released in 2017. It is web-based, so it can be used on any device with a web browser. Figma offers a powerful suite of tools for creating professional designs quickly and easily.

Figma has a unique approach to vector design compared to other popular tools like Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. Instead of creating individual shapes from scratch, users can compose shapes from primitive objects like rectangles, circles, and lines.

This makes it easier to create complex shapes quickly, which is ideal for developing interfaces for websites or mobile apps. Additionally, users can import existing SVG files into their designs, allowing them to quickly incorporate existing elements into their projects.

Figma also includes features that allow users to collaborate on projects in real time. For example, users can easily share their designs with others for review or comment in the form of comments or annotations right within the design space. This makes it easy for teams to work together without having to leave the Figma environment.

In addition to being web-based and collaborative, one of the most interesting aspects of Figma is that it actually runs on top of Electron – an open source framework developed by GitHub and used by many popular applications such as Slack and Visual Studio Code. Electron allows developers to create desktop applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By leveraging Electron’s capabilities, Figma is able to provide a robust desktop experience that feels more native than what you would normally expect from a web-based application.


So yes – in answer to the question ‘Is Figma an Electron?’, the answer is yes! Figma runs on top of Electron, making use of its capabilities to provide an enhanced user experience that feels more native than what you would expect from a typical web-based application.