Is Figma and Sketch Similar?

When it comes to designing digital products, there are many options available. From Adobe Photoshop to Sketch, Figma and InVision, designers have access to a wide variety of tools. While the differences between these programs are generally clear, some people wonder whether Figma and Sketch are similar.

Figma and Sketch are both vector-based design programs. This means that each program can create resolutions that look sharp on any device or display size.

Both programs feature various tools for creating shapes, grids, typography and more. Each has its own unique library of preset elements, including buttons, icons and illustrations.

Where they differ is in their approach to collaboration. Figma was designed with collaboration in mind from the ground up, allowing multiple users to work on a project at the same time in real-time. Sketch does not offer this feature — instead requiring users to save versions of designs for others to review.

Another major difference between the two programs is their file formats: Figma stores projects in the cloud while Sketch stores them locally as separate documents on a user’s computer.


Overall, while there are similarities between Figma and Sketch, they differ significantly in terms of collaboration features and file formats. For those who value real-time collaborative design capabilities, Figma is likely the better choice; however for those who prefer individual workflows Sketch may be more suitable.