Is Figma Compatible With InVision?

Figma and InVision are two of the most popular design tools used today. They both offer a lot of features and benefits for web, mobile, and product designers.

However, there is one key difference between the two, and that is compatibility. So, is Figma compatible with InVision?

The answer is yes. InVision has recently released a new integration with Figma that allows users to easily sync designs from Figma to InVision projects.

This integration makes it possible for designers to collaborate in real-time on projects between the two platforms. Designers can also make changes directly in InVision, which will be reflected in Figma.

Furthermore, the integration allows for easy importing of assets from Figma into InVision prototypes. This makes it easier for designers to quickly create interactive prototypes without having to recreate assets from scratch.

In addition to this integration, both products have their own standalone features that make them great design tools. For example, Figma has a powerful vector editing tool and robust version control system while InVision has advanced prototyping capabilities and collaboration tools.


Yes, Figma is compatible with InVision thanks to their new integration that allows users to sync designs and collaborate in real-time between the two platforms. The integration also makes it easy for designers to import assets from Figma into InVision prototypes without having to recreate them from scratch. Both products offer great features on their own as well making them powerful design tools.