Is Figma or InVision Better?

When it comes to choosing an online design and prototyping tool, two of the most popular options are Figma and InVision. Both platforms offer a range of features which make them attractive options for designers. They both also come with a range of pricing plans, so it’s important to consider which one is better suited to your needs.

Figma is a great choice for designers who need an easy-to-use platform. It allows you to design, prototype and share projects quickly and easily.

The platform is also very versatile, allowing you to work on web, mobile and desktop apps at the same time. It includes features such as a powerful vector editor, a version control system, real-time collaboration tools and an asset library. Figma also has great integration with third-party tools such as Slack and Dropbox.

InVision is another popular choice for designers. It offers similar features like Figma but has a few advantages over it.

For example, InVision has an extensive library of templates that can be used to create designs quickly and easily. It also includes powerful features such as in-app commenting, live previewing and task management. In addition, InVision supports a wider range of file formats than Figma.

When it comes to pricing plans, both Figma and InVision offer free versions that are suitable for basic design tasks. However, if you need more advanced features then you may need to look at the paid plans which start at $15/month for Figma or $25/month for InVision.

Overall, both Figma and InVision are great choices for designers looking for an online design tool. Which one you choose will depend largely on your individual needs and budget.

Conclusion: When it comes down to deciding which one is better between Figma or InVision, it really depends on your individual needs as they both offer different features that may be more suitable depending on what you want your design tool to do. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide which one is best suited for your needs.