Is Figma Really Free?

Figma is a cloud-based design software that enables multiple users to collaborate on a single project. It’s a great tool for web and mobile designers, and it’s free! But how free is Figma?

Figma offers two versions of its software: the free plan and the Pro/Organization plan. The free version has limited features, such as only being able to collaborate with two people at most, and not having access to advanced features like version control or plugins. However, there are still plenty of features available in the free plan, such as vector editing tools, team libraries, real-time collaboration, and a wide selection of templates.

The Pro/Organization plan costs $12/user per month (paid annually) and unlocks all of Figma’s advanced features. This includes unlimited collaborators, version control, plugins for automating tasks, private projects for sensitive data, and more. It also includes 1GB of storage space per user.

So is Figma really free?

Yes! The free version provides access to many useful features that can be used to create beautiful designs. For those who need more advanced features or larger teams, Figma also offers a paid Pro/Organization plan that unlocks all of its features.


Overall, Figma is a great tool for designers looking for an easy way to collaborate on projects. The free version provides enough features for smaller teams or individuals who don’t need advanced tools. For larger teams or those looking for more powerful tools, the Pro/Organization plan is worth the cost.

Is Figma Really Free?

Yes! The basic version of Figma is completely free with limited features. For those needing more advanced tools or larger teams there is also a paid Pro/Organization plan available.