Is Figma Viewer Free?

Figma Viewer is a free web-based application that allows users to view, collaborate, and share Figma Files. It provides an easy way to preview Figma designs on the web without having to download the entire design.

It also allows users to share their designs with others by giving them a link that they can click on. The viewer is completely free and open source, meaning it can be used by anyone to view Figma files.

Figma Viewer provides a range of features such as being able to preview an entire design in one place, adding comments and annotations directly onto the design, zooming in and out of specific areas of the design, panning around the design, downloading different versions of the file, sharing it with others, as well as viewing information about the designer who created it.

The viewer also has some advanced features for those who want to do more than just view files. For example, it allows users to edit their designs using their own tools like Photoshop or Sketch.

It also comes with a powerful search feature so users can quickly find what they’re looking for. Finally, it supports both mobile and desktop devices so users can access their designs from anywhere.

Overall, Figma Viewer is an excellent tool for designers who need a quick way to share and collaborate on their designs with others. Its free nature makes it even more appealing as there are no costs involved in using it. Whether you need to quickly view your own design or someone else’s work, Figma Viewer is the perfect solution.


Yes, Figma Viewer is completely free and open source making it accessible for anyone who wants to use it. It offers an array of features such as being able to edit designs using other tools like Photoshop or Sketch as well as providing information about designers who created them.

Overall, Figma Viewer is an excellent tool for collaborating on designs with others without any extra cost involved.