Is InVision and Figma the Same?

InVision and Figma are two popular tools used in the world of design. Both have been around for a while, with InVision being the older of the two.

Both have their own unique features and strengths, but they also share many similarities. So, is InVision and Figma the same?

InVision and Figma are both digital design tools that can be used to create prototypes, mockups, and other forms of digital design. InVision is a bit more mature than Figma and has been around for a few years longer. It has a wide range of features, from basic prototyping to advanced collaboration tools.

Figma is a newer tool that has quickly gained popularity among designers due to its intuitive interface and powerful features. It allows designers to create designs quickly with its drag-and-drop system. It also has real-time collaboration capabilities, making it ideal for teams who need to work together remotely.

In terms of features:

  • InVision has more advanced collaboration tools as well as an extensive library of templates.
  • Figma is more lightweight than InVision which makes it faster and easier to use but lacks some of the more advanced features.

In terms of pricing:

  • InVision: offers free plans as well as paid plans starting at $15/month.
  • Figma: offers free plans as well as paid plans starting at $12/month.


Is InVision and Figma the same? No – they are different tools with their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to design. While they share similarities in terms of features and pricing, they are best suited for different types of projects depending on your needs.