Is InVision Same as Figma?

InVision and Figma are two of the most popular tools used by digital professionals in designing and creating user interfaces. They both offer a visual canvas for prototyping and collaboration, while also providing a variety of features to help designers create high-quality designs quickly. So, what is the difference between them?

InVision and Figma share some similarities but they are quite different in many ways. InVision is a prototyping tool which allows designers to create interactive prototypes of their designs.

It offers features like animations, transitions, hotspots, and interactions. It is also capable of sharing live presentations with colleagues and clients for feedback. In addition, InVision also provides a library of templates to get started quickly as well as support for vector graphics editing.

Figma on the other hand is an interface design tool which enables teams to collaborate on projects in real-time. It offers features such as vector graphics editing with layer-based design, object styles for consistency across projects, and components for reusability. Figma also provides a library of resources including UI kits, icons, images, illustrations and more to help designers work faster.

The main difference between InVision and Figma is that InVision focuses on user experience while Figma focuses on interface design. InVision has powerful tools that allow users to create high-fidelity prototypes easily while Figma has tools that allow teams to collaborate more efficiently on design projects.

In conclusion, both InVision and Figma are great tools for creating digital products but serve different purposes. While InVision offers features that focus on user experience design, Figma focuses more on interface design with collaboration features built in. Ultimately it depends on the needs of each individual or project to determine which tool would be best suited.

Is InVision same as Figma? The answer is no; although both have similar purpose they have different set of features so one cannot be used interchangeably with the other. It is important to choose the right tool for the job depending upon your individual or project needs.