Is It Legal to Use Canva Templates?

Canva is a popular online platform for graphic design, allowing users to create and share their own visuals with minimal effort. It offers a wide range of templates, fonts, and images to choose from, making it easy for even those with no previous design experience to create stunning visuals. But is it legal to use Canva templates?

The Legalities of Canva Templates

Canva’s terms of service state that any content created using the platform is the property of the user who created it. This means that users are free to use their designs however they wish, including commercially. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that all Canva templates can be used without restriction.

When creating designs on Canva, users can choose from various templates, fonts and images provided by the platform. These elements are subject to copyright and other intellectual property laws, so it’s important to understand what rights you have when using them in your designs. The short answer is that you can use them for personal or commercial purposes as long as you don’t violate any copyright or trademark laws.

For example, if you are creating a design for a client and you want to include one of Canva’s images in your design, you will need permission from the copyright holder before doing so. Similarly, if you are creating a logo for your business using one of Canva’s fonts or images, you will need permission from the creator before doing so as well.

Best Practices When Using Canva Templates
The best practice when using Canva templates is to always read the terms of service and make sure you understand what rights you have when using the elements provided by the platform. Additionally, make sure you always ask permission from copyright holders before using any images or fonts in your designs – even if they came from Canva itself!

Finally, make sure that any designs created on Canva are saved in a format such as JPEG or PNG so they can be easily shared without fear of copyright infringement. This way your clients or audience members can easily access them without worrying about legal issues.


To conclude, yes it is legal to use Canva templates as long as users adhere to copyright laws and seek permission before using any copyrighted material within their designs. However, it is important to always read the terms of service carefully and make sure all necessary permissions are acquired before sharing any content created on the platform.