Is Prezi and Canva Same?

Prezi and Canva are two of the most popular design tools today, both of which have been used to create stunning designs for business presentations, websites, and more. But many people wonder if these two tools are exactly the same or if there are any major differences between them.

At a basic level, Prezi and Canva are both cloud-based presentation and design tools that help you create visuals for any kind of project. Both platforms offer a wide range of templates, layouts, and design elements to help you create stunning visuals with ease.

When it comes to creating presentations, Prezi has the edge over Canva as it has a more comprehensive set of features specifically designed for creating presentations. It allows you to create interactive presentations with animations, transitions, and more. Canva does have some presentation features but it is not as comprehensive as Prezi’s offering.

Prezi also has much more in-depth analytics features than Canva which allow you to measure the impact of your presentation on your audience. This can be extremely useful when presenting to potential clients or investors.

Canva is better suited for creating designs for social media posts, websites, flyers, brochures etc., as it offers a simpler interface with easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing tools. It also offers a wide range of design elements such as photos and illustrations which can be used in your designs.


It is clear that while both Prezi and Canva can be used to create visually stunning designs for different projects, their features are quite different from each other. Prezi is best suited for creating interactive presentations while Canva is better suited for designing visuals for social media posts or websites. Therefore it is safe to say that Prezi and Canva are not the same.