Is Uhd Graphics 620 Good for SolidWorks?

Is Uhd Graphics 620 Good for SolidWorks?

When it comes to running SolidWorks, having a capable graphics card is essential. The Uhd Graphics 620, which is commonly found in laptops and desktops, is often a consideration for those looking to use SolidWorks for their design and engineering needs. In this article, we will take a closer look at whether the Uhd Graphics 620 is good enough to handle SolidWorks efficiently.

Understanding the Uhd Graphics 620

The Uhd Graphics 620 is an integrated graphics solution developed by Intel. It is part of the Intel UHD Graphics series and was released in 2017. This graphics card is commonly found in laptops and low-power desktops, making it a popular choice for portability and energy efficiency.

System Requirements for SolidWorks

Before we dive into whether the Uhd Graphics 620 can handle SolidWorks, let’s take a look at the recommended system requirements for running this powerful CAD software:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD equivalent
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro series with OpenGL support
  • RAM: 16GB or higher
  • Storage: SSD with at least 20GB of free space
  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit)

The Limitations of Integrated Graphics

The Uhd Graphics 620, being an integrated graphics solution, has certain limitations when it comes to handling demanding tasks like running SolidWorks. Integrated graphics cards share system memory and resources with the CPU, which can result in reduced performance compared to dedicated graphics cards.

While the Uhd Graphics 620 can handle basic 3D modeling tasks, it may struggle with more complex assemblies and large-scale simulations. The lack of dedicated VRAM and limited processing power can lead to slower rendering times and performance bottlenecks.

Optimizing SolidWorks for Uhd Graphics 620

If you plan on using SolidWorks with the Uhd Graphics 620, there are several steps you can take to optimize its performance:

  • Use Lightweight Mode: SolidWorks offers a Lightweight Mode that simplifies the display of models and reduces the strain on your graphics card. Enabling this mode can help improve performance on systems with integrated graphics.
  • Disable RealView Graphics: RealView Graphics, while visually appealing, can put additional strain on your graphics card.

    Disabling this feature can free up resources and improve performance.

  • Update Drivers: Keeping your graphics drivers up to date is crucial for optimal performance. Visit the Intel website to download the latest drivers for the Uhd Graphics 620.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, while the Uhd Graphics 620 may be capable of handling basic modeling tasks in SolidWorks, it is not an ideal choice for complex assemblies or large-scale simulations. Users looking for optimal performance should consider investing in a system with a dedicated graphics card that meets or exceeds SolidWorks’ recommended requirements.

Remember to always check SolidWorks’ official system requirements and consult with technical experts before making any decisions regarding hardware compatibility. With the right setup, you can unleash the full potential of SolidWorks and create stunning designs efficiently!