Is XD Similar to Figma?

XD and Figma are both useful tools for designing and prototyping user interfaces, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. XD is Adobe’s product for UI design and prototyping, while Figma is a web-based collaborative design platform. Both are geared towards creating user interfaces, but in different ways.

XD has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to learn. It provides many features for designing interfaces, including vector drawing tools, grids and guides, artboards, symbols and repeat grids.

It also supports the import of Photoshop and Illustrator files. XD also makes it easy to create interactive prototypes without needing to write code. The prototypes can be shared with stakeholders to get feedback on the design.

Figma is a collaborative design platform that allows multiple designers to work on the same project at once in real time. It also offers vector drawing tools and artboards, along with components and styles for quickly building interface elements. Figma also allows teams to comment on designs directly in the app, so that everyone can stay up-to-date on changes.

So which one should you choose?

It depends on what you need – if you need an intuitive tool for UI design without needing to collaborate with other designers in real time then XD might be your best choice. But if you need a tool that allows teams to work together at once then Figma might be better suited.


XD and Figma both provide great tools for designing user interfaces, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your needs, either one could be suitable for your project – there is no clear winner between them.