What Are Figma Design Tokens?

Design tokens are the building blocks of a design system. They are variables you can use to store colors, typography, and other design attributes that you want to use throughout your app or website. Figma design tokens are similar to those used in other design systems and languages, but with a few differences that make them better suited for Figma.

Figma design tokens are stored as layers within a file, making them easy to find and access when you need them. You can also quickly apply them to any other element within the same file—or across multiple files—without having to manually adjust settings each time.

This makes it easier for designers to maintain consistency across their designs and ensures that any changes made to the token values will be reflected everywhere they’re used.

Design tokens also help teams stay on the same page when developing designs for different devices or platforms. By creating platform-specific tokens, like light/dark mode or iOS/Android, teams can easily keep their designs consistent regardless of platform or device. This is especially useful when working with multiple designers on a project, as they will always know what token values they should be using when creating their own designs.

Figma’s design tokens also provide a more structured way of working with colors. Instead of manually entering color values in each element, you can store all of your colors in one place and easily reference them when needed. This makes it much easier to update colors across an entire project without having to manually change each one individually.

Figma’s design tokens provide an efficient way for teams to work together on projects while maintaining visual consistency. By storing all of your variables in one place and easily referencing them throughout your project files, you can maintain consistent visual styling no matter which device or platform you’re designing for.


Figma Design Tokens are an invaluable tool for designers looking for a better way to keep their designs consistent across different platforms and devices. With Design Tokens, designers can store all their variables in one place while still being able to quickly access and apply them anywhere they need. This makes it easier than ever before for teams to maintain visual consistency while working together on projects.