What Are Main Sections of Figma?

Figma is a widely used UI/UX design platform that can be used to create stunning designs with ease. It has a range of features and tools that allow designers to create interactive prototypes, collaborate on projects more effectively, and publish their designs quickly. Figma is becoming increasingly popular among web designers, app developers, and UX experts who are looking for an efficient way to create beautiful digital experiences.

Figma is made up of three main sections – the canvas, the layers panel, and the inspector. The canvas is the workspace for designing products and creating prototypes.

Here you can add elements such as text boxes, shapes, buttons, images and icons. The layers panel holds all of your design elements in a hierarchical structure allowing you to easily select items or groups of items and manipulate them in various ways. Finally, the inspector allows you to set properties such as font size or colour on objects in your design.

The Canvas

The canvas is where most of your design work will take place. It works much like any other design tool – you can drag and drop elements onto it from the library or create them directly on the canvas itself. You can also use it to make connections between different parts of your prototype or add interactions.

Layers Panel

The layers panel allows you to keep track of all the different components in your design project. It shows all of your objects arranged in a hierarchical structure that makes it easy for you to move them around or group them together as needed. You can also use this panel to edit properties such as size or colour.


The inspector is where you can edit properties such as font size or colour on objects in your project. It also allows you to add additional information about each object including comments about its purpose or requirements.


Figma provides an intuitive and powerful platform for UI/UX designers with its three main sections -the canvas, layers panel and inspector – which enable users to create stunning designs quickly and easily while collaborating effectively with others on their projects.