What Does Auto Layout Do Figma?

Auto Layout in Figma is a powerful feature that allows users to quickly create complex designs through the use of constraints and resizing. It’s a great way to make sure your design works on any screen size or device. With Auto Layout, designers can easily create resizable components and responsive designs, while ensuring the design is consistent across different devices.

Auto Layout works by allowing a user to set constraints on their elements. These constraints let the user define how an element should react when it is resized. For example, if you set a constraint for an element that says it should stay centered no matter what size it gets, then the element will stay centered regardless of what device or screen size you are using.

Auto Layout also lets designers easily resize elements and create responsive layouts. This makes it easy to create designs that look good on any device or screen size. You can set different constraints for each element and then group them together so they all move and scale together.

Using Auto Layout in Figma also helps improve workflow efficiency. Instead of having to manually adjust each individual element when designing for multiple devices or screen sizes, Auto Layout allows you to quickly make all the necessary adjustments with just a few clicks.


Auto Layout in Figma is an incredibly powerful tool for creating complex designs that are consistent across different devices. It allows users to quickly set constraints on elements and resize them with ease, as well as create responsive layouts with minimal effort. In addition, Auto Layout helps increase workflow efficiency by saving designers time when creating designs for multiple devices or screen sizes.