What Does Background Blur Do in Figma?

Background Blur is a powerful tool in the Figma design platform that allows users to quickly and easily blur the background of their designs. This feature is useful when designers want to focus attention on certain elements of their designs. By blurring the background, they can help their viewers to focus on the important parts of their design, without having to worry about distracting elements in the background.

The Background Blur feature in Figma works by applying a blur effect to everything that falls outside of a designated area. Users can select a particular area or shape and then apply a blur effect to all other elements outside of that selection. This helps designers create more aesthetically pleasing designs by eliminating distractions from the background.

One great thing about using Background Blur in Figma is that it’s incredibly easy to use. All users have to do is select an area or shape and then click on ‘Background Blur’ from the toolbar at the top of their screen. From there, they can adjust the amount of blur they want applied and also decide whether they want it to be applied only to a certain region or across the entire canvas.

Figma’s Background Blur feature is also very versatile, allowing designers to apply different levels of blur according to their needs. They can adjust how much blur they want applied and even choose which areas should remain blurry or clear.


Overall, using Figma’s Background Blur feature makes it easy for designers to create more visually appealing designs by helping them focus on certain elements without being distracted by what’s happening in the background. It also allows them to apply different levels of blur according to their needs, giving them greater control over how their designs look.