What Does Command Y Do in Figma?

As a designer, you’ll often find yourself needing to quickly switch between tools and commands in Figma. That’s why it’s important to know what the various commands do. One of the more powerful, but lesser-known commands is Command Y, which is used to zoom and pan around the canvas.

Command Y provides a number of useful features for designers. It allows users to quickly switch between different zoom levels, pan around the canvas and even adjust the size of objects on the canvas. This makes it much easier to get an accurate view of what you’re working on without having to manually adjust the size or zoom level.

Command Y also comes with a few other handy features. For example, it allows you to quickly switch between different views such as wireframes or artboards. This can be especially useful when you need to make quick changes without having to manually switch between views each time.

Finally, Command Y also allows you to quickly access other tools such as grids and guides. This can be especially helpful when laying out objects on the canvas or creating precise alignments.

In conclusion, Command Y is an incredibly powerful tool that can save designers lots of time when working in Figma. It allows users to switch between zoom levels and views quickly, as well as access other tools such as grids and guides with ease.

What Does Command Y Do in Figma?

Command Y is a powerful command in Figma used for zooming and panning around the canvas, switching between different views, and accessing other tools like grids and guides.