What Does Shift a Do in Figma?

Shift A is a powerful tool in Figma that allows designers to quickly adjust the position of objects on the canvas. This is especially useful when dealing with complex designs that involve multiple layers and objects.

With Shift A, you can easily move objects vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in just a few clicks.

Shift A works by selecting an object and then dragging it around the canvas. This allows you to quickly adjust its position without having to manually enter exact coordinates or use the arrow keys. It also provides a visual feedback of where the object is being moved, making it easier to visualize your design changes.

Another great thing about Shift A is that it can be used with other tools in Figma such as resizing and rotating tools. This allows you to make quick adjustments on complex layouts without having to switch between different tools or menus. This makes it much faster and easier for designers to make changes on their design projects.

In addition, Shift A also allows you to group objects together so they can be moved as one unit. This helps keep designs organized, especially when dealing with multiple overlapping elements or layers. It also makes it easier to ensure that all elements are aligned correctly.


Shift A is an essential tool in Figma that helps designers quickly adjust the position of objects on the canvas. It’s easy-to-use features such as visual feedback, ability to use other tools in conjunction with it, and grouping of objects help make design projects more efficient and organized.