What Does the Line Tool Do in SketchUp?

The Line Tool is one of the fundamental tools in SketchUp that allows you to draw straight lines and create various shapes. It is an essential tool for creating precise and accurate models in 3D. In this article, we will explore the different functions and features of the Line Tool in SketchUp.

Using the Line Tool

To access the Line Tool, you can either click on the Line icon in the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut “L”. Once selected, your cursor will change to a pencil icon.

Creating Straight Lines:

To create a straight line, click on a starting point on your workspace. Then move your cursor to the desired endpoint and click again. A line will be drawn between these two points.

TIP: If you want to draw a perfectly horizontal or vertical line, hold down the Shift key while drawing.

Creating Connected Lines:

If you want to create multiple connected lines, simply continue clicking at each desired endpoint. SketchUp will automatically connect them for you.

Editing Lines

Once you have created a line using the Line Tool, there are several ways to edit it:

  • Moving: To move a line, simply select it with the Select Tool (shortcut “Spacebar”) and drag it to a new location.
  • Resizing: To resize a line, select it with the Select Tool and then click and drag one of its endpoints or midpoint handles.
  • Rotating: To rotate a line around its center point, select it with the Select Tool and then click and drag its rotation handle (a small green dot).

Creating Shapes

The Line Tool is not limited to drawing individual lines. It can also be used to create various shapes:

  • Polygons: To create a polygon, start by drawing a line segment. Then use the Offset Tool (shortcut “F”) to create additional parallel lines at a desired distance. Finally, connect the endpoints of these lines to complete the polygon.
  • Circles and Arcs: By combining multiple straight lines, you can create circles and arcs. Start by drawing a regular polygon with many sides.

    Then use the Follow Me Tool (shortcut “F”) to extrude it along a circular path. The result will be a smooth circle or arc.

  • Curves: SketchUp also allows you to draw curves using the Line Tool. Simply click and drag while creating a line to create curved segments.

In conclusion,

The Line Tool in SketchUp is an essential tool for creating precise and accurate models. Whether you need to draw straight lines, create connected lines, or form complex shapes, the Line Tool provides the necessary functionality. By mastering this tool, you’ll be able to bring your designs to life in 3D with ease.