What Fonts Are on Canva?

When you’re creating any kind of design, one of the most important decisions you can make is what font to use. Fonts can set the tone for a design and help draw attention to certain elements or words. Canva is an online graphic design platform that gives users access to thousands of fonts, so finding the right one for your project is easy!

Canva offers a wide range of fonts that are categorized into different categories. These categories include Serif, Sans Serif, Display & Handwritten, Monospaced & Decorative, and Script & Calligraphy. Within each category are hundreds of different typefaces from which to choose.

The Serif category includes classic typefaces like Times New Roman and Georgia as well as more modern designs like Montserrat and Roboto Slab. Sans Serif fonts include popular choices such as Arial and Helvetica as well as more unique ones like Raleway and Lato. The Display & Handwritten category has a wide selection of fonts that are perfect for headlines and titles such as Lobster Two and Pacifico.

The Monospaced & Decorative category features fonts that are great for adding an extra bit of flair to a design. This includes options like Courier New and Cinzel Decorative while Script & Calligraphy includes cursive-style fonts such as Great Vibes and Satisfy.


Canva offers an incredible variety of fonts that can be used in any type of design project. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something more unique, Canva has the font you need to create the perfect design!