What Is a Page in Figma?

Figma is a powerful design platform that allows users to create user interfaces for websites, applications and other digital products. It is a vector-based design tool that provides an intuitive way to design, prototype and collaborate on projects. Figma is becoming increasingly popular due to its intuitive user interface, features like real-time collaboration and ability to export designs into different formats.

A page in Figma is a container for objects such as artboards, frames and components. Pages are analogous to layers in other vector based drawing applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch.

In Figma, pages are used to organize related components together into logical groupings. For example, all of the components related to a specific website page could be grouped together into one page.

The main benefit of using pages in Figma is that it allows you to easily organize your project into manageable parts. This makes it easier to find specific parts of your project when you need them. Pages also allow you to quickly switch between different sections of your project without having to go through the entire project each time.

Figma also provides some additional features that make working with pages easier. For example, you can create “master” pages which act as templates for other pages in your project. You can also create “nested” pages which are contained within another page and contain their own set of objects.

Overall, pages in Figma provide a great way for users to organize their projects into manageable parts and make it easier for users to navigate between different sections of their projects quickly and easily. In addition, the additional features provided by Figma such as master pages and nested pages make working with pages even more efficient.


What Is a Page in Figma? A page is a container for objects such as artboards, frames, and components which allow users to easily organize their projects into manageable parts while allowing them access specific sections quickly with extra features like master & nested pages making working with them more efficient.