What Is A4 Size in Figma?

A4 size is a standard paper size used in the design industry. It is commonly used for printing documents, such as letters, contracts, and other documents. In Figma, it is used to determine the size of frames and objects when creating designs.

The A4 size is 8.27 inches wide by 11.69 inches tall, or 210mm x 297mm in metric measurements.

In Figma, this translates to 827 x 1169 pixels on the canvas. This makes it easy for designers to create designs that will be printed on A4 paper without worrying about scaling issues or incorrect sizing.

A4 size is also commonly used for web design projects as it is a standard size for websites and apps across different devices and screen sizes. Designers can use A4 size in Figma to create designs that will look good on all screens and be consistent across different platforms.

Using A4 size in Figma also helps designers keep their design elements organized and consistent while working on a project. By setting up a frame with A4 dimensions, it’s easy to add elements within the frame without having to manually resize them each time.

Overall, the A4 size is an important part of the design process in Figma and should be taken into consideration when creating any kind of design project. The dimensions are simple enough to remember while still providing enough space to create detailed designs that will look good on any device.


In conclusion, A4 size is an essential part of designing with Figma as it provides a standard way of measuring frames and objects for both printable documents and web projects. By ensuring all design elements fit within an A4 frame, designers can keep their work organized and consistent across multiple platforms.